Northside Summit Park

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I bring my kids? 

A. Absolutely! We strive to provide a family friendly environment that caters to all.  Beer and wine is all about the experience, and that experience should be shared with those you love.  We have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for the little ones, and we even have some books and games for little ones (and of course for the adults).

Q. I have a beer I really like where i’m from in ______? Can you guys get it for me? 

A. While there are limitations on the beer we can get from breweries out of state due to distribution laws, or due to limited production from craft breweries, we will do our best to track it down for you.  If you have a request, the best way to ask us is to submit a form on our Contact Us page.

Q. How do I figure out what beers you have available?

A. There are a few different approaches you can take:

  1. The old school route – browse the inventory.  All of our single beers are organized by their BJCP “style family” to make things easy to find.  There are quite a few items in our inventory, so you may want to grab a pint from the bar to sip on while you look if you choose this method.
  2. For the new kids on the block – Check out our inventory on Untappd or through out inventory pages on our website.  For the best experience, we recommend looking us up on Untappd so you can apply filters and scroll a little easier.
  3. The even older school route – Ask us. We love to talk beer and are here to help.  Tell us what you like or are looking for and we will find it for you!

Q. What is “style family”? 

A. The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) creates a detailed style guide that outlines various characteristics for various styles of beers (118 per the 2015 update).  As part of their guidelines, they rationalized the list of 118 styles into 14 different “style families” which is grouped based on various characteristics.  It may seem a little weird that a “Cream Ale” is grouped under the “Pale Ale” family so if you do have any questions, please be sure to ask!

Q. Do you have food?

A. We are limited to some small snacks (chips, pretzels, etc.), but we absolutely encourage you to bring your own food.  We love to support the Northside and Blue Ash neighborhoods, so we will have menu’s from various places in the neighborhood that you could order and pick food up from, but don’t feel like you are limited to what is just around.  Feel free to use any of the delivery services that hit our area (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, OrderUp, etc.).

Q. Is there an event space I can rent?

A. We don’t have a separate event space, but we can reserve a table or rent out the whole bar for special occasions.  Availability will depend on a number of things going on in the community and at Higher Gravity, but we are always open to talk options.  Send us a message on the Contact Us page or ask one of our beeristas to get you to the right person.

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