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Bourbon, Scotch & Tequila Selection (Northside)

Higher Gravity isn’t just craft beer and wine. We’ve also got a fantastic selection of bourbon, Scotch and tequila for you to enjoy at the bar. Check out the options below and be sure to check in with the bartender to see what’s new or ask about cocktails!

Bourbon Selection:

Pour SizePrice
1792 Full Proof2oz. Pour$15
Angel’s Envy2oz. Pour$15
Baker’s2oz. Pour$15
Bardstown Fusion Series2oz. Pour$14
Basil Hayden Bourbon2oz. Pour$14
Basil Hayden 10yr Rye2oz. Pour$20
Blanton’s2oz. Pour$18
Booker’s2oz. Pour$26
Buffalo Trace2oz. Pour$10
Colonel EH Taylor2oz. Pour$16
Eagle Rare2oz. Pour$14
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof2oz. Pour$22
Elijah Craig Toasted2oz. Pour$15
Elijah Craig Small Batch2oz.$12
Four Roses1.5oz. Pour$8
Four Roses Single Barrel2oz. Pour$14
Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond2oz. Pour$17
Henry McKenna 10 Year2oz. Pour$20
Horse Solider Signature2oz. Pour$17
Jack Daniels 12 year2oz. Pour$30
Jefferson’s Ocean2oz. Pour$23
Jefferson’s Reserve2oz. Pour$11
Knob Creek2oz. Pour$10
Knob Creek 12 year2oz. Pour$13
Knob Creek Smoked Maple1.5oz. Pour$8
Larceny1.5oz. Pour$9
Lip Service Rye2oz. Pour$10
Makers Mark1.5oz. Pour$7
Michter’s Bourbon2oz. Pour$13
Michter’s Rye2oz. Pour$14
New Riff Bourbon2oz. Pour$11
New Riff Single Barrel2oz. Pour$17
Old Forester 18702oz. Pour$15
Remus Repeal Reserve VII2oz. Pour$35
Weller Antique2oz. Pour$14
Weller Reserve2oz. Pour$9
Willet Family 10yr Rye1oz. Pour$58
Woodford Double Oaked2oz. Pour$18
Woodford Reserve2oz. Pour$11
Woodford Reserve Rye2oz. Pour$13
Yellowstone Limited Edition 20232oz. Pour$39
Please note that we do also provide a selection of well and call bourbons that are not listed here.

Scotch Selection:

ScotchPour SizePrice
Balvenie 12yr Doublewood2oz. Pour$19
Green Spot2oz. Pour$17
Laphroaig 10yr2oz. Pour$14
Macallan 12yr2oz. Pour$20
Macallan 15yr2oz. Pour$28
Oban 14yr2oz. Pour$22
Oban Little Bay Single Malt2oz. Pour$19
Yellow Spot2oz. Pour$32

Tequila Selection:

TequilaPour SizePrice
Casamigos Blanco2oz. Pour$17
Casamigos Reposado2oz. Pour$18
Casamigos Anejo2oz. Pour$20
Cazadores Blanco1.5oz. Pour$9
Cazadores Reposado1.5oz. Pour$9
Cazadores Anejo2oz Pour$12
Clase Azul Reposado2oz. Pour$40
Del Maguey Vida (Mezcal)1.5oz. Pour$9
Don Julio Blanco2oz. Pour$13
Don Julio Anejo2oz. Pour$21
El Silencio (Mezcal)1.5oz. Pour$7
Jose Cuervo Tradicionale (Reposado)1.5oz. Pour$7
Patron Silver1.5oz. Pour$9
Patron Extra Anejo2oz. Pour$18
Teremana Blanco1.5oz. Pour$9
Teremana Reposado1.5oz. Pour$9
Please note that we do also provide a selection of well and call bourbons that are not listed here.

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