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Craft Beer Philosophy

Our Craft Beer Philosophy is simple.  We see the industry as part of a 3-tiered triangle that balances the craft beer journey from the design of a recipe to when it gets consumed.

Customer + Product

Higher Gravity Craft Beer & Wine is in business to serve great products to great customers. We recognize that one can’t thrive without the other, so everything we do is focused on keeping that harmony intact. We promise to treat our customers and suppliers like family, keep a judgment-free zone (we won’t make fun of anyone for ordering a macro light lager), and supply a variety of styles that caters to all customers that come through our door.


While Higher Gravity doesn’t make craft beer or wine, we are very passionate about the products of those companies that do. The passion, creativity, and precision that goes into every drop is what made us beer and wine lovers. Our job is take the soul of every product from the brewer or vintner all the way to our customer’s glass.


Every beer or wine isn’t for every person and the variety of choices today can be overwhelming. One thing we love about this industry is that there is always more to learn and the game is ever-changing. Helping our customers make informed decisions, while educating on behalf of our suppliers through a variety of simple, accessible, and interactive outlets is what we are here to do. It’s what enhances the circle of beer life. Knowledge creates understanding and understanding leads to a higher satisfaction in both product and experience.

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