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About Higher Gravity


Higher Gravity is both a Cincinnati Craft Beer & Wine bar and a retail store for beer and wine.  We have over 500 craft beers and 100 wines that can be enjoyed at the bar, or taken to-go.  With 14 rotating drafts and a constant rotation of bottles and cans of craft beer, we are sure to have something for you.  If that number overwhelms you, our trained Beeristas can help you navigate and find something new – we are here to help educate on our passion!


Specific Gravity refers to the density of water, which is one of the key ingredients in beer. Original Gravity (OG) represents the density of the wort (unfermented beer). The higher the OG, the more fermentable sugars the yeast will have to convert into alcohol. Therefore, Higher Gravity = Higher Alcohol. Typically, beers with an OG above 1.075 are considered to be high gravity. 


Overview and ground rules

  1.  TAKE ADVANTAGE   Utilize the information at your fingertips (iPads and mobile friendly menu) – it’s one of the things we are most proud of here.
  2. DON’T BE SHY – Don’t like technology or still not sure after you search our inventory? Ask us questions.  We are here to help make sure you have the best experience possible and we love talking beer… it is our passion.
  3. ENJOY YOURSELF – This one is the most important.  Beer and wine is about the experience, and that experience should be shared with your family, friends, and your favorite beeristas.


Like any other retail shop, grab beer or wine from any of our shelves in the store.  Feel free to make your own six-pack from the single-bottle selections and then bring your beer up to the checkout area of the bar.  Bottles are all priced individually at retail prices (labeled directly on the bottle or package) and then you will receive a 6-pack “discount” of $1 off for a full 6-pack of bottles or cans (excludes bombers).  

Need help deciding what you want (and if we have it)?

Use the iPads stationed around the store or our website beer inventory to quickly search our inventory based on style or location.  Keep in mind that the styles are based on the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) “style family” so if you see something that doesn’t look familiar or can’t find what you are looking for, just ask.  You will see an Untappd rating for each beer to help your decision.  Our beers are organized into sections by style of beer and then sorted in alphabetical order by the name of the brewery for easy location.

Want one of our draft selections to take home?

With our state of the art growler (the Pegas CrafTap) and crowler station, you can come in and fill up a growler or crowler with your favorite local, regional, or national brands that we have on tap. Our growlers can be sealed and stay fresh for up to 90 days.  Please note that some beers may not be available in a growler or crowler format.  The two big ones are: 1) Nitro beers – they won’t stay fresh, and 2) Very limited release beers – because we want to spread the beer love and make sure as many people as possible can have a try.

Still not sure what you want?

We offer flights of 4 beers, or single sized samplers.  Every beer on the draft menu will show a “Taster” price and if you order a full flight, we will take $1 off the total price of the 4 tasters. Who knows, you might just find your holy grail. While everyone has their favorites we will be rotating taps on a regular basis.

Don’t have what you want?

No problem (well… it might be a problem due to state alcohol laws and the limited distribution of some breweries around the country).  Feel free to put in a request for something that isn’t in our inventory and we will do everything in our power to get it in for you.  You can submit the request via our contact page or by asking any of our staff.


Just like a traditional bar, feel free to take a seat at the rail or the tables throughout the store, chat up your friendly, knowledgeable “beerista” and order a draft or flight from our on-tap menu.  What’s a beerista you may ask? It’s really just a fancy name for a bartender who either can’t mix drinks or just prefers to spend their time talking about beer, wine or straight liquor instead of cocktails.

Draft list isn’t enough? No problem. Find any bottle or can from on the shelves and let your beerista know what you want.  We will scan the beer or wine in for you, chill it to the right temperature and give you the perfect glass for that selection (if you want it) and you are good to enjoy it anywhere in the store.  Use the iPads or our website to find the beer you want, or peruse our selections at your leisure.  You may want to order a draft if you choose the latter though.


B.Y.O.F.: Bring your own food (or have it delivered); snacks available. We highly encourage ordering from our Northside neighbors, but feel free to bring stuff from home or use any delivery service of  your choosing.

Kid-Friendly: Some people often forget that parents enjoy (or need) drinks.  Not only do we allow kids, we highly encourage bringing your family here.  Beer and wine is all about sharing experience, and who better to share that with than family – we will be sure to have some non-alcoholic drinks available for the little ones.

Pet-Friendly: Your furry best friend is always welcome.  We only ask that you please have them on a leash and clean up if there are any accidents.  We may even have some treats for them as well.

Free WiFi: Need a place to work or study? Look no further.

No Reservations: Except for large private parties.

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