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The Higher Gravity Story

Jason and Nick met in the summer of 2008 in a conference room in Downtown Cincinnati. They were two young accounting nerds ready for the start of their internships at one of the world’s largest accounting service firms.

Nearly 7 years later – after countless hotel stays, and hundreds of thousands of miles on flights all around the world – both of their careers were blossoming and each were making their mark in the business world. Both Jason and Nick had life changing events at this time – Jason had a new son, Jordan, and Nick had transferred to Chicago, away from his home in Cincinnati.

The long work hours and traveling made it difficult on both. Jason was missing out on so much with his son, and Nick longed to be closer to his family and friends. In addition to the strain on personal relationships, both Jason and Nick also wanted to spend more time on their passions completely out of the accounting realm, beer and wine. Since the day they met, the two had always talked about opening a bar, but they knew that they wanted to do more than just serve drinks.

Their travels gave them the opportunity to experience beverages from all over the world, igniting a serious interest in craft beer and wine, as well as the science, complexity, passion, and creativity that goes into the craft. Jason started home brewing in 2012, and both he and Nick began researching and immersing themselves in the industry.

Over the years the industry has grown at a rapid pace, resulting in higher quality beverages and more options in the market. These are all great things, but like Puff Daddy said “mo options, mo problems” (well, something like that).  The abundance of choice could overwhelm even the most serious of drinkers.  Every time they would go shop for new beers, the two would ask themselves, “could we do this better?” The answer to that question became clear – Higher Gravity. The two decided to take a huge risk by leaving successful careers in a stable industry in order to provide a new way for consumers to buy and enjoy the ever growing craft options – a way that was comfortable, educational, and easy to navigate.

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