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The H/G Club

Looking for a way to try out new beers but get overwhelmed picking from the huge selections available in today’s craft beer market? Or just want someone else to pick for you?

Our H/G Club is the perfect solution, or a great gift for a friend or loved one.

(If you’ve ever participated in our annual Beervent Calendars, this club is like a mini version of that, but you don’t have to wait until December. Plus there are a ton of other benefits!)

Join The H/G Club today and enjoy a fresh 6-pack of rotating beers each month.

What’s the cost?:

The H/G Club costs $25 per month, which is billed on the 1st of each month via electronic invoice

What’s included?:

Each month, our Co-Founder, Jason, curates a special 6-pack that is worth ~$25. The H/G Club 6-packs generally consists of:

  • An array of different beer styles
  • Local, national, and international beers
  • A combination of new beers to the market along with the occasional old favorite (think of a beer you haven’t had in years and forgot how good it was)
  • Beers are specially ordered each month for the packs (i.e., we do not just pull beers off of our shelves. They are ordered in fresh each month)
  • 6-packs are generally ready to pickup on the 1st day of each month

In addition to the 6-pack each month, members will also receive:

  • 10% off all on-premise beers (i.e. drafts beer, and cans / bottles that are consumed at the bar)
  • 15% off all Higher Gravity merch (hats, shirts, hoodies, etc.)
  • Discount codes and early access to all H/G paid events
  • A quarterly “Speakeasy Monday,” a night where our Northside location is closed to the public and only open to members and 1 guest

Note: Upon registering for the H/G Club, you will receive your first 6-pack on the 1st of the month in the next month (i.e. if you purchase on February 10th, you will receive your first 6-pack on March 1). For all future months of membership, you will be billed monthly, on the 1st of each month, via electronic invoice.

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email from Co-Founder Jason directly with all the details you will need.

How do I sign up?:

Just click here!

Have more questions before signing up?

Contact us here.

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